Homes Need PowerView® Motorization

Motorized Window Treatments in Rochester, New York (NY) Homes

In the past, blinds and shades had to be opened and closed manually every single time you wanted privacy or some views. Blinds and shades also had to be left the way they were if you forgot to adjust them before you traveled away from your home. Essentially, in the old days, you had to work for your windows. Today, however, your windows can work for you with the PowerView® Motorization from Hunter Douglas.

No Hassle

Contrary to how it may seem, motorized blinds are not complicated. In fact, setting up your PowerView® Motorization system is easy as one, two, three. First, plug in the PowerView® battery. Next, program your blinds and shades to open and close according to your schedule with the PowerView® App. Finally, enjoy! It is really that simple.

Your Blinds on Your Time

As mentioned before, gone are the days of manually opening and shutting your blinds day in and day out. With motorized blinds and shades, you can set your window treatments to open and shut on a schedule through the PowerView® app. This can even include scheduling your blinds and shades to open and close with the rising and setting of the sun. Whether you are a night shift worker that needs the blinds to be shut when you come home, or an early riser that would like to watch the sunset through the windows during the week, the PowerView® System has got you covered.

Compatible with Control Systems

One of the wonderful things about the PowerView® System is that it can be paired up with a device of your choice. It can also be integrated with a variety of whole-home automation systems, so you can control your motorized blinds and shades with your voice.

  • The Pebble® Control: This modern remote control lets you preset and use up to six different window treatments collectively or alone. In addition to working hard, the Pebble® also looks good. In fact, it comes in over ten different colors to choose from and is wall attachable! It is also ergonomically-designed for easy use.
  • PowerView® Hub: Powerful and elegant, the PowerView® Hub acts as the motherboard for all of your PowerView® needs. It can also be connected with the PowerView® Repeater, which expands the Hub’s signal range to prevent any operational lag.
  • Remote Connect: Remote Connect allows you to open and close your blinds and shades even if you are nowhere near your living space. Whether you are in a coffee shop down the street or in a hotel across the country, Remote Connect will close or open your blinds for you.


If you are someone that embraces ease, beauty, and power, then your home needs the PowerView® Motorization system. If you are ready to learn more about motorized blinds and shades or would like to purchase a PowerView® system of your own, visit or contact Creative Hands today! We are located in Rochester, New York and proudly serve all of Western New York and the Fingerlakes, including Pittsford, Fairport, Penfield, and Victor.