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What is the Difference Between an Inside and Outside Mount?

You're not alone if you’re unfamiliar with the terms inside mount shade and outside mount. However, the way you choose to mount your window shade or blind can make a significant difference to your window treatments' functionality and your room's overall aesthetic.

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades installed with an inside mount near Rochester, New York (NY)

So, what is the difference between an inside and outside mount? Our team at Creative Hands is here to share the answers so you can make an informed choice when it comes time to add new window treatments to your home.

The Case for Inside Mount

When you install your window covering, where you place the hardware is of great importance to how you use the shade,

If you place the hardware for your window coverings within the window frame, it’s an inside mount. An inside mount offers a clean, polished look and is the perfect way to highlight beautiful molding or other architectural details.

If you’re layering blinds or shades with another window treatment, like custom drapery, an inside mount also helps keep your shades from catching on the drapery fabric. The drawback to inside mounts is that insufficient mounting depth in your windowsill can prevent you from taking that route.

  • When measuring for blinds that will be mounted inside the frame, measure at the top, middle, and bottom and use the smallest number of the three. This will ensure the best fit.

Inside mounts are also a great option for rooms that verge on the smaller side. In these spaces, window treatments that extend beyond the frame can make the room feel crowded and cluttered.

  • Roman and roller shades look fantastic when mounted inside the frame, especially if the window frame itself is on the slimmer side.

When an Outside Mount Makes More Sense

Outside mounts are popular for windows that are outfitted with drapery or Roman shades, as extending the hardware past the edge of the frame allows you to prevent stack back from obscuring your view of the outdoors. If you’re not fond of the appearance of the window frame or have blemishes to hide, outside-mounted window treatments are an excellent remedy.

Outside mounts will also provide more light control since there won’t be any gaps between the window treatment and the frame. Doors also rarely offer enough space for inside-mounted window coverings to operate correctly.

Another perk of outside mounts is that it offers a larger margin of error when it comes to measuring. You still need fairly accurate measurements, but it’s not a deal breaker if you’re a little off when using an inside mount.

  • When mounting window treatments outside the frame, we recommend installing the hardware about eight inches above the frame and several inches to the side. This ensures your shades or drapes will fully cover the area and can also make your room appear larger. The caveat is ensuring you have enough flat surface area to accommodate the brackets and other hardware.

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