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Seven Tips for Choosing Curtains & Drapes near Rochester, NY

Window treatments are essential for every room, but with all the choices available, sometimes choosing the right ones can feel impossible. If you’ve decided on curtains or drapes but aren’t sure where to go from there, we’ve got your back. Our window treatment experts at Creative Hands has some easy tips to help you choose the perfect curtains or drapes for your home.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Custom Drapes pulled back from window near Rochester, New York (NY)

1. Know Your Curtains & Drapes

Knowing the difference between curtains and drapes is a great starting point. Curtains are made using lighter fabric and vary in length. Curtains can be floor length, stop at the sill, or cover half a window in the cafe style. Drapes are made using heavier materials and are almost always floor-length. They provide more privacy and light control than curtains, which makes them an excellent choice for bedrooms or formal dining rooms.

2. Select Appropriate Fabrics for Your Light

Now, it’s time to choose a fabric. There are two things to keep in mind when selecting a material for your drapes; the amount of light you want in the room and the overall aesthetic of the space. Sheer, lightweight fabrics suit casual areas, like family rooms and breakfast nooks.

3. Complement With Color

Selecting a color may be one of the trickiest components of the process. You have to decide if you want your curtains to be in sync with your existing decor or if they will create contrast. Another essential thing to remember is that light colors can make spaces feel more extensive and more open, while darker hues can make rooms feel cozier and more welcoming.

4. The Length’s The Thing

How long would you like your curtains or drapes to be? Curtains that touch or kiss the floor are very en vogue right now but require the most precise measuring. You can kick up the drama and elegance of a space by adding enough extra fabric to form a small puddle on the floor. If you have kids, pets, or objects underneath your windows, we suggest going with curtains that break at the sill. This length will help keep them clean and prevent tripping.

5. Watch the Width

The extra width needed to create the stack back is an aspect of curtains and drapes that often goes overlooked. When you open your drapes, you want to enjoy the sunlight and view, which can’t happen unless there’s enough fabric to draw the panels back away from the frame. A good rule of thumb is to measure the frame and multiply the number by 2.5 for the proper amount of fabric.

6. Double Down On Designer Liners

Design Studio™ Side Panels & Drapery are available with light-filtering and room-darkening liners. A liner increases the functionality of your window coverings and helps prevent the fabric from fading prematurely. For the most versatility, consider layering a set of sheer panels with an opaque set so you can adjust the light and privacy to your liking at any time.

7. Hang Drapes High To Draw The Eye

How you hang your curtains or drapery is almost as important as the window treatments themselves. Installing the hardware right above the window frame is never a good look. The eye stops moving where the curtain ends, making your room appear squatty. No matter how high your ceilings are, always hang your drapes just below the ceiling or at least 6-8 inches above the frame. This will make your ceilings look taller and create more visual interest in the room.

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