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Top 3 Winter Window Ideas

Summer has officially said “goodbye” for the year, and we’re quickly moving into colder weather. If you’ve noticed chilly drafts or want to pay less for your heating costs, the right window treatments can make all the difference. As Rochester locals, we understand the need to keep as much warm air inside as possible!

Duette® Honeycomb Shades near Rochester, New York (NY), Hunter Douglas reducing heat loss through windows

Step 1- Cover Your Windows

Any window covering is better than none at all. Windows are responsible for up to 30% of your home’s heat loss. The closer a covering is to the window, the better insulation it will provide. Inside mount window treatments and custom-made coverings guarantee a tight fit. You may think you’re getting a bargain by purchasing blinds at your local hardware store, but they will be not only ill-fitting but also sacrifice style. Hunter Douglas custom-made window coverings will always be your best bet.

Step 2- Choosing the Best Option

Cellular shades are second to none for window insulation, and Duette® Honeycomb Shades from Hunter Douglas are unparalleled. Duette® shades were the first to be specially engineered to provide energy savings in both warm and cold climates. Cellular shades can reduce heat transfer by around 20%. When it’s below zero degrees Fahrenheit outside, that 20% will make a big difference.

Hunter Douglas offers the industry’s largest selection of pleat sizes, opacities, and colors. For those of you who are extra style-conscious, options from the Alustra® Collection are exactly what you’ve been looking for. The design-inspired fabrics add an element of upscale fashion and unique texture to your room. The real difference is in the details. Fabrics and hardware from the Alustra® Collection integrate a subtle metallic sheen that resembles fixtures from today’s most high-end brands.

The Duette® LightLock™ system is another Hunter Douglas innovation that sets them apart from the competition. This one-of-a-kind system fits securely in the window frame and features U-shaped channels with black, ridged interiors that trap and absorb light from all angles. In addition to cold air and light, Duette® shades also absorb sound. The shades improve the acoustics in a room and reduce outside noise by up to 70%.

Step 3- Layer, Layer, Layer

What is one of the best ways to stay warm outdoors when the temperature is frigid? Wearing layers! The same rule applies to your windows. Adding drapery from the exclusive Design Studio™ collection not only keeps more warmth in your home but also adds another element of style. Pairing lined drapery made of heavy fabric with cellular shades is a two-pronged approach to keeping your home warm this winter. You can also opt for performance fabrics that are resistant to staining and damaging UV rays.

Contact Creative Hands

Are you ready to prepare your windows for another Rochester winter? As a locally owned and operated business, we take our commitment to our customers and community very seriously. We invite you to stop in and see our Hunter Douglas display and in-house workroom, where most of our draperies are crafted. Give us a call at (585) 254-5484 to request your design consultation. You can browse our portfolio of past projects if you need a little inspiration. We are located in Rochester, NY, and are pleased to serve all Western New York and the Finger Lakes, including Pittsford, Fairport, Penfield, and Victor, NY.