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Sustainable Window Treatments for Homes

Sustainable Window Treatments for Homes near Victor, New York (NY) including Duette® Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Hunter Douglas has options for those who are environmentally conscious or just particularly interested in reducing their eco-footprint. Whatever your reason, it’s always a great idea to select home décor and furniture with a reduced impact on our environment. We at Creative Hands want to share three types of green Hunter Douglas products to improve your eco footprint inside your home.

First, we should discuss the terminology used to describe different types of green products. “Green” products usually refer to any product that benefits instead of harms the environment. Energy efficient products make an effort to reduce how much energy you use over the course of heating and cooling your home. While this saves on your energy bill, it also saves the environment because you are using less energy to heat your home. Rapidly renewable refers to materials that replenish within a human time scale rather than over centuries like other non-renewable materials like coal. Finally, sustainability refers to material collection that cause pollution or create a shortage in resources. These are a few of the terms that fall under the umbrella of “green.”

Now that you understand some basic terminology, we can discuss your options for green window treatments. Duette® Cellular Honeycomb Shades and Roman shades are the best solution for energy efficiency. Roman shades and Honeycomb Shades both have a lining behind the shade to prevent heated and cold air from escaping or entering your home. Honeycomb shades have a special cellular lining to trap air from outside of your home. This air barrier acts as a buffer for the air on both sides. Coming in a fantastic variety of styles and fabrics, Honeycomb shades are sure to make your home feels completely stunning, just the way you intended it to. Roman shades have a lining that can help the energy efficiency of your home windows. These linings can be customized to reduce lost heating or cooling and reduce your energy bills and footprint.

Other window treatments include the Heritance® Hardwood Shutters. The Heritage Hardwood shutters are rapidly renewable. They are made of 100% genuine basswood or poplar wood, depending on which suits your style, which produces a classic finish on these shutters. They mirror a traditionally classic style that is sure to boost the design elements of your home. Using Truemill® dovetail construction, the louvers are tightly interlocked and held together strongly to work reliably every time.

In terms of sustainable options, we offer Parkland® Wood Blinds. These blinds are made from responsibly managed Basswood forests. With each purchase of a Parkland Blinds set, Hunter Douglas makes a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation® to support reforestation efforts. This helps offset your footprint on the environment even more. These blinds come with a great finish that works to protect your blinds for years to come. This means you will have to buy fewer blinds over the course of years and lower your footprint even more.

Each one of these options for window coverings, can reduce your eco-footprint on our world. With every passing day it becomes more important to consider our impact on the world and what we can do to lessen it. These stylish options make it simple to lessen our footprints. Get in touch with our expert staff to get started today. We are located on 1011 Dewey Ave in Rochester, NY and we service the areas of all of Western New York and the Finger Lakes, including Pittsford, Fairport, Penfield, and Victor, NY.